Swim Lessons

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Class Skills Required In Class
3–5 years
Water readiness Will learn to blow bubbles, put face in water and proper kicking, paddling, and front and back floats with use of flotation device.
3–5 years
Put face in water, float on back and front w/assistance, and swim 5 feet without flotation. Will learn to bob, kick on back, back float, swim without assistance 15 feet, wet ball and synchronize swimming skills.
3–5 years
Swim without flotation device 15 feet. Float on front and back, jump into water without help. Will learn front crawl, elementary backstroke treading water, synchronized swimming skills and wet ball activities.
6–12 years
Tread water, swim 25 feet using a modified crawl strokes and swims on back. Will learn survival float, kneeling and sitting dives, boating safety, to coordinate front craw with rotary breathing and back crawl 25 feet.
6–12 years
No skills required. Will be introduced to the front crawl, front and aback floats putting face in water and personal safety skills.
6–12 years
Blow bubbles put face in water, float on front and back and paddle 15 feet without assistance. Will learn to tread water, rudimentary swimming 25 yards front and back crawl, jump into deep end, kneeling dive.
13 & older
Tailored to the individual Will learn floating, front crawl, back crawl, rhythmic breathing, safety, stroke development and endurance.