You are welcome to bring guests with you to enjoy the Y. As a membership organization, our first obligation is to our members in order to secure the value of their Y membership. We welcome you to bring guests with the following restrictions:

  • One guest per member or a member family may bring a guest family.
  • Cost for a guest is $10 for an individual or $15 per family.
  • Guest must be accompanied by an adult member at least 21 years of age. The member must accompany the guest throughout the visit.
  • Guest must provide a photo ID. If a guest is 16 years old or younger and does not have a photo ID, he/she must be accompanied and supervised by an adult with a photo ID.
  • Guest must sign the guest registration and waiver/release.

A person may be a paid guest 3 times in a calendar year.
On Fridays, a member may bring a guest for free!

AWAY Program

YMCA members of Ys outside of the Shoals Service area may visit at no charge. Visits are limited to 10 free per year unless prior arrangements are made.